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PT Series - Solids Handling

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Pioneer's PT series is the simplest and, therefore, lowest cost of ownership self-priming pump in the range. Designed specifically for abrasive and occasional corrosive applications, the PT series is available in three sizes from 40mm through to 75mm in size.

Based on the similar philosophy as the P and PE range of pumps, all key elements, such as impeller, wear plate and mechanical seal, are accessible through the front inspection cover, enabling maintenance to occur without the need of removing the pumps from the pipework. With its solids handling impeller, the PT range of pumps is more than capable of operating in the harshest environments, such as those seen in the steel, automotive and chemical industries where its variety of construction materials enable the pump to operate with confidence.

Self-priming pumps brochure in pdf format

PT Product Brochure (USA)


The Pioneer PT self priming pumps are ideal for use in the following industries:

  • Steel
  • Food Processing
  • Wastewater
  • Petrochemical



Transfer, Cuttings, Waste, Chemicals