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PP - High Pressure Clear Liquids

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PP63C17 package

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Pioneer manufacture the world's largest range of engine-driven, high pressure pumpsets, from 50mm up to 300mm. This range enables the company to offer to its mining, construction and rental customers a solution up to 2,400m3/hr,  or pressures over 200m, which no other company can match.

Integrating the proven Pioneer pumpends, with its own patented self-priming system, the pumps are capable of a suction lift in excess of 7m whilst at the same time offering very high efficiencies. This means users can pump higher flows at higher pressures, using much less energy and fuel than our competition.

Our latest generation of 525mm impeller diameter pumps, available in sizes from 3 inch to 8 inch discharge, expanding our range to 16 pumpsets, are now being used extensively in mining applications for dewatering the deepest open cast mines around the world, including mines in Australia, Africa and Europe.

These pumpsets are also commonly used in industrial applications, such as pipeline pressure testing, oilfield frac work and jetting, particularly in arduous applications, such as offshore wind farms, where our pumps have proven incredibly robust in very difficult operating conditions.  


The Pioneer Prime clear liquid pumps are ideal for use in the following industries:

  • Quarrying
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Dewatering
  • Oil & gas
  • Chemical


Mine dewatering, Frac feed pumps, Jetting, Tank cleaning, Firefighting and many others