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Pioneer Pump design and manufacture world leading, dry-priming, wet self-priming and end suction, centrifugal pumps.  With those pumps, the company is capable of packaging pumpsets up to 575kW (700HP) in both engine-driven and electric motor packages.

The company has its own in-house design team that is led by a specialist Chief Engineer who has designed all the fluid ends along a common theme of high efficiency and low cost ownership.

All four factories package equipment for both domestic and international markets to all current legislative requirements, such as CE, ATEX and ASTM, as well as some more specialised, such as nuclear industry specifications. 

Packaged Pumpsets

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High Pressure Clear Liquid Pumpsets

Maximum Flow: 2400m3/hr
Maximum Head: 215m
Maximum Solids: 35mm

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High Pressure Solids Handling Pumpsets

Maximum Flow: 900m3/hr
Maximum Head: 170m
Maximum Solids: 80mm

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Low-medium Pressure Solids Handling Pumpsets

Maximum Flow: 9500m3/hr
Maximum Head: 75m
Maximum Solids: 150mm

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Low-medium Pressure Clear Liquid Pumpsets

Maximum Flow: 1000m3/hr
Maximum Head: 70m
Maximum Solids: 30mm

Vacuum Assisted Self Priming

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PP - High Pressure Clear Liquids

Maximum Flow: 2500m3/hr
Maximum Head: 230m
Maximum Solids: 30mm

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PP Series - Solids Handling

Pioneer Prime solids handling pumps are recognised as the world leader in terms of performance and reliability. Major international mining, rental and process companies use Pioneer Prime solids handling pumps for high pressure and high flow applications including dewatering at in excess of 4000m3/hr.

Self Priming Pumps

Pioneer P Series
P Series - Solids Handling

Heavy duty self priming pump with up to 76mm solids handling capability. These pumps offer unrivalled reliability through the use of high quality Ductile Iron castings and 17-4PH stainless steel shafts.

Pioneer PE series
PE Series - Solids Handling, High Pressure

Heavy duty high pressure self priming pumps with the same features and benefits as our P series market leading pump but with higher pressures and smaller solids handling capabilities.

PT3 Engine Driven Pump
PT Series - Solids Handling

Smallest of our self primers, but not lacking in features. Standard build includes Ductile Iron parts and heavy duty shafts making these the least expensive but nonetheless high performing self priming range from Pioneer.

Standard Centrifugal Pumps

Engine driven extreme pressure pumpset
High Pressure Clear Liquid Pumpsets

With pressures up to 20 bar and excellent NPSHr characteristics Pioneer‘s end suction clear liquid range is the highest performing range of pumps. With sizes from 37mm to 300mm these pumps are designed for extreme pressure use on a 24/7 basis.

Solids handling pumpset
SC Series - Solids Handling

Pioneer has one of the largest highest performing range of end suction solids handling centrifugal pumps capable of flows up to 4000m3/hr and pressures of up to 12 bar.
All the pumps come with a minimum of 76mm solids handling and optional run-dry capability for the most arduous conditions such as drilling mud pumping in oil & gas applications.

SC Series - Hydrotransport Pumps

Our company has developed both a 150mm and 200mm hydrotransport pump capable of pumping the most delicate products with minimum damage. Incorporating features such as Ductile Iron volutes and run-dry mechanical seals enable our pumps to operate in very abrasive applications such as primary loading pumps where competitors experience higher wear rates.

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