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Waste, Wastewater & Sewage Pumps

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Pioneer Pump has a history of designing and manufacturing pumps that are rugged and ultra-reliable - exactly what is required in the municipal markets around the world.

Our no compromise approach to supplying high performance pumps, built using the finest materials offer unparalleled reliability and low cost of ownership.

Pioneer has specifically designed a self priming pump for the international municipal markets- the P Series. These types of self priming pumps are used very successfully around the world in municipal applications in sewage treatment works and sewage pump stations for handling raw sewage and primary sludge pumping.

With thousands of these types of pumps in use throughout the world, the self priming pump is the only true alternative to submersing your pumps in the fluid.

Nearly all of the pumps used in the municipal market are available in a range of materials from Cast Iron to 316 Stainless Steel. We also manufacture our pumps in CD4MCu Stainless Steel for those more difficult abrasion/corrosion applications.

Bypass operations can be completed with a choice of diesel engine and electric motor portable pump units that are available in "SilentPak" configuration on trailers and skids. All of our units conform to the latest EC noise reduction regulations.

We strongly believe that this combination of experience and capability to manufacture to the highest standards offers your organisation the most reliable and advanced solids handling pumping technology available today, which gives you peace of mind and us, Pride in Performance.

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