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Pioneer has a wealth of experience that it has gained over the last ten years in designing, manufacturing and selling high performance pumps into industries such as rental, petrochemical, food processing, oil & gas, and of course quarrying and mining.

The company is developing this area of the website in order to publish successes where Pioneer's pumps have made a dramatic impact on the customers operations and as such much has been learnt about how best to operate our equipment.

Case studies and application reports will be published here and when used in conjunction with the Education section, developing solutions to your pump applications should not be such a challenge in the future.

Pioneer delivers Duplex Stainless Steel seismically tested self priming pumps to nuclear power station
Pioneer delivers Duplex Stainless Steel seismically tested self priming pumps to nuclear power station
Pioneer Pump Limited, completed its largest order to date of nuclear pumps for the British Nuclear Group in the UK. The order consisted of a number of 12" and 6" CD4MCU duplex stainless steel vacuum assisted pumpsets mounted on specially designed bases allowing for ease of maintenance on site.

The pumpsets designed specifically in-house for the nuclear industry, integrate Pioneer's well known Pioneer Prime pumps with its 3D engineering capability allowing for manufacturing tolerances of less than 2mm to be attained on the machined bases

Commented Simon Ruffles, General Manager for Pioneer Pump in the UK, "Our company has the largest range of high performance self priming pumps in Europe, with a flow capability of over 4000m3/hr and pressures of 16 bar, enabling us to apply these pumps in applications where our other pump manufacturers just cannot compete.

We know that almost every other serious UK manufacturer looked at this job and failed to fulfill the design specifications including the major pump conglomerates that operate within Europe.

In our minds this proves that if organisations want a highly engineered, cost effective solution to a difficult pumping application, it pays to work with companies that engineer solutions rather than sell of-the-shelf type products."

For further information on the Pioneer's range of nuclear seismically approved pumps which can be used anywhere in the world where earthquakes or seismic events may occur then call our sales team on +44 (0)1449 736777 or ask for a product brochure emailing