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Pioneer has a wealth of experience that it has gained over the last ten years in designing, manufacturing and selling high performance pumps into industries such as rental, petrochemical, food processing, oil & gas, and of course quarrying and mining.

The company is developing this area of the website in order to publish successes where Pioneer's pumps have made a dramatic impact on the customers operations and as such much has been learnt about how best to operate our equipment.

Case studies and application reports will be published here and when used in conjunction with the Education section, developing solutions to your pump applications should not be such a challenge in the future.

Pioneer supplies 450HP engine driven pumpset and 2km of pipeline to Halkyn Quarry
North Wales
Pioneer supplies 450HP engine driven pumpset and 2km of pipeline to Halkyn Quarry
Pioneer Pump delivers on time Cemex UK pump and pipework to Halkyn Quarry.

Pioneer Pump, delivered on time and on budget the full turnkey solution to Cemex Halkyn Quarry enabling them to maintain water levels in this 1.2 million tonnes a year quarry.

The project included the design, installation and commissioning of a 150CH high pressure pumpset and pipework which on commissioning delivered over 110l/s against the required 90l/s in the design.

Working closely with its chosen pipework partners, 2.1km of 10" pipework and fittings were supplied and installed enabling the quarry to dewater from the very bottom to a discharge point well away from the quarry to stop any form of recirculation.

Commented Simon Ruffles, "This was a very satisfactory job for us as one of the main competitors won another similar project last year close by. With other national pump companies currently supplying equipment at very low prices, we were delighted that Cemex were looking for a total engineered solution which meant we could offer them one of our own high pressure pumps designed around a specific design enabling them to dewater for a further two levels or 5-7 years before thinking about having to upgrade their equipment. The fact that we were also price competitive was a bonus."

For further information on the project and how the Pioneer range of high pressure self priming pumps can dewater your quarry or mine then email us at or call the factory on +44 (0)1449 736777